Welcome to the Pixel Pop Games website! We are a small group of professionals in IT and multimedia, united by our passion for video games. Forward, we want bring to all the gamers our vision and understanding of the video games and we try to do this through our own games. We wish that you all join us and support us during this hard trip. We certainly are determined to make games that you will enjoy.

All our game developments are ruled -and will be ruled- by three principles:

1. Quality before quantity. We don't want to release a lot of mediocre games with the only purpose of fattening our bank accounts. We make games cause we love games and we want to be proud of every Pop Pixel Games release.

2. We care for players. Every game represents a relationship, between the players and the developers, that we will cherish.

3. FUN, FUN, and more FUN! That's the games reason for being and the reason why you play them. If it's not fun it's not a game!