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Hi all!

A few months ago we opened this site and since then we have left it virtually with no activity, so let me start by apologizing to all of you who are following us and probably expected to receive more information on the projects we are working on. From now on we will use this space to publish our adventures and misadventures in our way to achieve the glory for Pop Pixel Games and we hope that you help us take encouragement by leaving comments on each blog entry .

Okay, let's go on. A few days ago Juan Badel (2D Designer) and myself (Game Designer) were working side by side to find a good 'cover' for our first game, Clash of the Gnomes. My intention was that this image of the game, the first that the player would just entering the main menu, should be very representative of the spirit of the game. I wanted that, with a quick glance, the player could capture a retro feeling, but also the crazy personality of the gnomes, causing havoc wherever they go, and there must have been an excellent place for the two main characters: the General Gnolius and the Major Gnofrey. Here is the result:

I'm very proud of it and I think it looks great on the devices we have tested, eventhough it is probable that we introduce some changes to the image if it is needed. We will be very excited if  people that read us give us their opinion about the picture!

Welcome and till next time!