Clash of Gnomes: Meet the team I

Hello PoPixManiacs!

Today we offer you the first of a set of interviews with the Pop Pixel Games members. So we hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed doing it.


M.  Please, give us a brief introduction to our readers about yourself. Name, position at the development and responsibilities in the project.

J. My name is Javier Carreño, but just call me Javi. I’m the Clash of Gnomes lead developer, and I take care of coordinate all the developers and design the functionalities that it has the game according the Game Designer.


M. For someone that doesn’t knows anything about the game… Can you describe it briefly? Which is the concept of the game?

J. Clash of Gnomes is a puzzle and strategy game very simple and addictive. Imagine a Lemmings, but in 2D and with a different perspective. Something like this, but with a casual style and thug.


M. In your opinion, what’s the best of ‘Clash of Gnomes’?

J. It’s so funny to complete its challenges! Completing a level is easy, but finishing it perfect no, but neither is necessary. This game is fun trying to make it perfect, not an obligation like many others, has its rewards if you do it well.


M. Tell us about the Gnomes. Which one is your favorite?

J. Well, in the actual phase of development that we are, I don’t have a lot of variety. If I have to choose one, I’ll choose, obviously, the one of the cigar that I have as avatar on the web! But, as we are speaking of the game, probably I’ll choose the strongnome, because it can push any object out of the way of the others.


M. In what point of the development you are now?

J. Now we are in a phase very near to the first closed beta. We have still some bugs, but it’s playable and functional. There is almost nothing to start the beta.


M. What part of the development has invested more time?

J. In the graphic engine. Unfortunately before starting to use the new development kit (SDK) we were trying to fight against a wall called OpenGL with a wonderful support (ironically) by Google and Android. Probably 80% of the game’s development was just fighting savagely for an efficient graphics engine.


M. If you were able to travel back in time and advice yourself about something of the game development, what you would say?

J. Don’t do a graphic engine, use another. And if you have SDK that can help you, use it. What everybody wants is to make good games, people don’t will know if it’s your game engine or not.


M. Do you have thought about expand the game experience with more content?

J. It is indeed a possibility that we have in mind, and it is also feasible and easy to implement. By the way, first we have to see the repercussions of the game. It’s our first game, so there are a lot of variables in the board.


M. What would you say to our readers?

J. Don’t despair. We are an indie group in the videogames worlds, and we want to make our game with an excellent quality. And as lead programmer, and want to be sure that there is no errors that bug the user experience and the playability.


And that’s all, but if you have any question to do, you can send us an e-mail to: or in Twitter @PopPixelGames