Clash of Gnomes: Meet the team II

Hello PoPixManiacs!
Today we are bringing to you the second of the interviews with the Pop Pixel Games members.

MB. Please, give a brief introduction about yourself to our readers. Name, position at the development and responsibilities in the project.
ME.Hi, my name is Marc Espinosa. Initially, I was in charge of the Clash of gnomes development but nowadays, due to personal and professional reasons, I can't spend as much time as before and I gave that responsibility to Javi. Now I’m in charge of developing and organizing the online presence of Pop Pixel Games.

MB. What parts of the game have you developed?
ME. The game has gone through several iterations of development, in the latest one I was focused on the enemies.

MB. What part of the game/enemy are you most proud of?
ME. I love the octopus and the car, I also enjoy a gnome I created in the first iterations that could split some obstacles in two parts with an axe, but I'm not sure that he will appear in the final version of the game.

MB. On what platforms do you plan to release the game?
ME. Android is our main focus, after that we will study the other platforms (Linux, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows ...)

MB. Can you tell us something about the game in advance?
ME. It will be entertaining and with plenty of humor, I totally recommend it.

MB. About our website, the rumors about changes on it, are they true?
ME. We plan to remake it all again. We want a different approach so we can have complete freedom with the content.

MB. This question was sent by a PopPixManiac to our official e-mail, how do you combine work and family life with this project?
ME. It is difficult to combine. In my case, personal life and work occupy much of my time, but we are working and taking this project forward.

MB. What would you say to our readers?
ME. I would like to give a message to developers that have not started a project because they are scared of it or they just tried and failed. This message is that it is possible to develop a game, don’t give up!

And that’s all, but remember if you have any question to do, send us an e-mail to: or in Twitter @PopPixelGames